In my opinion, its too late to change it because money already did its damage to the music. the corporations are telling the simple minded masses whats hot and whats not. back in the 80s- early 90s i heard the intelligient hip hop and party hiphop on the radio all day long, now all you hear is the simple minded robot music.Why the fk are you playing “pop champagne” on the radio at 8am??????? no one wants to hear that shit that time of day, save it for the evening when people are heading to the club. Then they play only 1 fking hour of “classic hiphop” out of 24 hrs. thats why i have an i pod, sirius radio, and i dj so i create my own music. reel talk though, people, smart intelligent people been tired of the bullshit, in the past we would be labeled as haters, now alot more people can see thru the fkin nonsense. then if u state ur opinion to these waana be gansta rappers n tell them ur not feelin song they did, now u gotta fight or wear a vest cause these fag…ass so called gangsta rappers hav such an ego on them that they cant take criticism. Theres a section in a popular rap mag called “step ya rap game up”, it should be called “rap like this because no one cares anymore,” Oh well, wheres my bottle of Cristal and my fake bling bling, i need to head to a club and front even though no one knows me or buys my records.


  1. Its because nowadays all that matters is record sales and making society happy. The majority of consumers are not hip hop fans. They dont hear the music, they simply listen to it. Most people couldnt even tell you what the lyrics are and just listen to the beat. Eminem realized this too and even called his fans out in the D-12 song "Bitch"…"And if I'm talking to fast it just means you're listening to slow And if you listen a little faster maybe you'll catch up, Bitch Jew Ja Jaw Jaw Da Dun Jew Ja You just made me mess up, Bitch Bleeb Blab Blah Blah Blah Blah It don't matter, I'm just blabbering Like you understand what I'm saying Anyway I'm just traveling In one ear and I'm out the other You're so fuckin drunk all you hear is the Beat I could be sayin anything Get ya ass on the floor Wear the same pants that you wore from the day before Baby and shake that ass like a whore"Now, to me music is meant for a person to crawl into the entire experience and hear the melody, hear the beat, listen to the lyrics and find a true meaning to the song. And its not even hiphop, its true music fans in general that can understand the art of music and not just 'cool noises and sounds that make me want to dance'. Thats why shit like Souljah Boy Tell Em will outsell borderline classic albums like Raekwon's Cuban Linx 2. When's the last time you heard Talib Kweli on the radio (not Get by). When's the last time you heard some Big L? I mean industry hip hop is ok to, dont get me wrong, there are some good things on the radio. But chances are if its on the radio, its going to get played out and diminish that artists hiphop cred for the most part by true hip hop fans. Obviously, there are exceptions like Jay Z and 50 cent etc… But I'd rather listen to a Best of JR writer or a Slaughterhouse mixtape or a Byrdgang CD than the radio. I dont think mixtapes and bootlegging is killing record sales, its the radio and whats being played on it. Play some real hip hop and get the true artists some recognition so that the average consumer can buy their shit. THAT will help record sales.

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