MAY 21ST, 1972-MARCH 9TH, 1997
Today we remember the greatest emcee(arguably) of all, the Legendary Notorious BIG. It has been 13 years since Biggie was murdered. His death still hasn’t been solved, although many rumors have been speculated over the years (that’s what usually happens when an unsolved death occurs). I remember that Sunday morning, I was watching MTV and a news flash scrolled across the screen “The Notorious Big has been shot & killed in L.A.”, I was fkin shocked.
But I wont go on about Biggie’s death, today we celebrate his life, his music and his impact on the Hip Hop culture. As a dj, I love going into a Biggie set, the dance floor gets packed & everyone is reciting his lyrics. that’s what his music did to people. Regardless if some of his music was too explicit or too gangster for some people, it was the way Biggie rhymed and how he put it together & flowed over the music. Sometimes its not what you say, but how you say it, and Biggie definitely mastered that, and with only 2 official albums he is regarded as the best of all time. And today Sean “Diddy” Combs is  throwing his first-ever Brooklyn bash as a tribute to his late friend, rapper Notorious B.I.G. The invite-only bash will honor the 13th anniversary of the death of Biggie and will be held at Bed-Stuy club The Lab. Diddy is also pushing for March 9th to become “Biggie Day,” a national hip-hop holiday.

So pull out ya Biggie Collection, or download my tributes and pay homage to the late great Biggie Smalls.

Rest in peace Big, you will never be forgotten.



  1. ill pay homage, but to me Tupac was the greatest of all time, because he spoke about uplifting the Ghetto, not like Biggie, all he rapped about was money, cristal and bitches.

  2. what? fuck Tupac! he was a fake ass wanna be thug! hiding behind fat ass Suge Knight! Nas is the greatest emcee, all yall want to big up about these fake thug, gayz corporate ass rappers, always biting biggies lines!! Nas is the most original out of all of the above mentioned! Just because he dont sell like pac , gayz and Big, at least he didnt sell his soul!!

  3. 1. Pac2. Jayz3. Big (only 2 albums – if he was stil alive, #2)4. Nas5. Rakim

  4. BIG was the greatest. lyrics for days.

  5. i gotta pay homage to the teachers over the students….so i gotta have pac #1big #2jay #3big L #4Rakim #5Nas #6big got a lot of his style from when he was chilling and living w/ pac…jay pretty much got his WHOLE style from bignas got his from rakimand Big L inspired alllll the harlem rappers today from mase to camron to juelz etc etc etcif big eva got to sign to rocafella like he was suppose to, he surely woulda surpassed Jay, and jay even said if he woulda signed him, his catalog woulda stopped after his first album reasonable doubt…..

  6. sorry i cant go wit Big L over Nas & Rakim your insane..

  7. if your going with the teacher over the student you gota choose rakim as #1 jackass. shakespeare is a tool.

  8. well Anonymous #5, if u noticed the rank i had, i had the person i felt heavily influenced the latter….sooo feel free to suck a dick, cause that's my order…IF U DONT LIKE IT, I DNT GIVE A FUCK, CAUSE WE RUN THIS SHIT…HAHAHA 🙂

  9. LMAO, wow Shakes~E-Love

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