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Antoine Fuqua to direct Tupac bio film

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On June 16, Hip-Hop will celebrate the birthday of Tupac Shakur. The rapper, who was signed to Death Row Records, was murdered on September 13, 1996 in Las Vegas, Nevada. If Shakur would have lived, he would have been 39-years-old.

On the eve of his birthday Morgan Creek studios has decided to put together a bio film of the late rapper with Training Day director Antoine Fuqua helming the story according to the Hip-Hop magazine XXL (via Digital Spy):

A biopic on Tupac Shakur is currently in the works and Antoine Fuqua (Training Day, Brooklyn’s Finest) has signed on to direct, according to

In an interview with the site Fuqua said production company Morgan Creek recently approved his role in the flick. “It looks like we’re doing Tupac Shakur’s movie next in September, that’s what I’ve been starting up and working on now,” he said.

Fuqua is also looking for an unknown actor to play the part of Tupac:

The former music video director said he’s interested in finding an unknown actor to play the iconic hip-hop legend. “That’s the goal, I want to discover someone new,” he revealed. “I want to discover a lot of new people if I can. Obviously I’m going to have to put some people in it that you know, just because actors have different skills. I want to go to the streets and find him anywhere he might be in the world.”

Tupac Shakur’s last album, The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory, was released in 1996. Following his death, a number of albums of unreleased material have been released. The most recent one, Pac’s Life, was released in 2006. A new album of unreleased material called Shakurspeare will be released this June.