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A local New Jersey newspaper has reported that R&B singer Jaheim was arrested in his hometown of Hillsborough on March 28, and now faces charges of speeding and marijuana possession.

The 32-year-old entertainer was pulled over by Hillsborough, NJ, cops while driving 30mph over the speed limit. When police approached the car, they claimed to notice a strong odor of marijuana, giving them cause to search the vehicle. According to the Messenger-Gazette, Jaheim allowed cops to search the car only after exchanging a few unpleasant words with them. Inside, police reportedly found a small marijuana bud and several discarded cigar wrappers, which they associated with marijuana use.

In June 2008, the singer appeared in court to face similar charges stemming from a 2004 arrest. He was nabbed in the parking lot of a 7-11 convenience store in New Jersey, and charged with possession of 50 grams or less of marijuana and possession of controlled dangerous substance in a motor vehicle. A New Jersey judge dismissed the charges, concluding that the cops did not have probable cause to search his vehicle, but the Jersey native was still charged with resisting arrest, and was sentenced to two years of probation and an enrollment in an anger management program.

The details of Jaheim’s current legal troubles sound very similar to his prior charges. The singer released his fifth studio album ‘Another Round,’ in February.