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In my opinion, its too late to change it because money already did its damage to the music. the corporations are telling the simple minded masses whats hot and whats not. back in the 80s- early 90s i heard the intelligient hip hop and party hiphop on the radio all day long, now all you hear is the simple minded robot music.Why the fk are you playing “pop champagne” on the radio at 8am??????? no one wants to hear that shit that time of day, save it for the evening when people are heading to the club. Then they play only 1 fking hour of “classic hiphop” out of 24 hrs. thats why i have an i pod, sirius radio, and i dj so i create my own music. reel talk though, people, smart intelligent people been tired of the bullshit, in the past we would be labeled as haters, now alot more people can see thru the fkin nonsense. then if u state ur opinion to these waana be gansta rappers n tell them ur not feelin song they did, now u gotta fight or wear a vest cause these fag…ass so called gangsta rappers hav such an ego on them that they cant take criticism. Theres a section in a popular rap mag called “step ya rap game up”, it should be called “rap like this because no one cares anymore,” Oh well, wheres my bottle of Cristal and my fake bling bling, i need to head to a club and front even though no one knows me or buys my records.